Top 5 Bollywood actress looking sizzling hot in Bikini

We know that our Bollywood is so famous for its enticing and sensational beauties that have added the glamour to our industry. Their astonishing figure is what everyone loves to see and girls wish to have. Our Bollywood is said to be the 2nd mega-entertainment industry in the world as it has the beauties that are unmatched and they are also breathtaking actresses, well they are the beauties with talent. And this talent is celebrated all around the world actresses like Deepika and Priyanka has made our Industry proud for their contributions in Hollywood. To be a matter of fact looking hot is not easy, to look sexy and attractive one needs to take care of outfits, as they play essential role and to show figure, I guess bikini is the best outfit ever. Many of the Bollywood film actresses have showed their figure and also the upcoming actresses are more focusing to get a good eye-catching figure which would certainly lead to be a Upper hand for them in the industry.

Here are the top five hot Bollywood actress in bikini that you would certainly have a look upon.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Quantico TV Show Bikini HD Photos

Priyanka Chopra is a high profile celebrity and on of the finest actress in Indian film industry. She is among the highest-paid actresses. Her figure is perfect for bikini, the movie Dostana appealed a lot of fun following from her sexy figure.

Priyanka Chopra Bikini


She is the Sri-Lankan beauty of Bollywood. She is hot enough to perform bold scenes and movies like Murder 2 and others have made her under the ranks of most desirable women.

Sunny leone

She was a former pornstar and she is amazingly beautiful. Well the pics are enough to say. Have a look.

Watch Sunny leone Bikini Picture

Zarine Khan

She is an Indian film actress and also a dancer. Her latest Bollywood movie, Hate Story 3 made her to popular which enlisted her as the most seductive bikini body.


Deepika Padukone


  1. Sunny Leone is the sex bomb. She looks stunning and hot in bikini, She has no comparison with other actresses in Bollywood.


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